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Most frequent questions and answers

Due to the nature of the industry, rental insurance does not exist. It is the responsibility of the renter to maintain proper safety while operating the jet ski.
You may however be covered under your travel insurance providers cover, Please contact them to confirm

In the event of a breakdown call 0430460275 or your local VMR for assistance
If the jet ski requires towing engage the tow tap if fitted to your ski, If no tow tap is fitted do not exceed 32kmph towing speed, Exceeding this speed may forfeit your bond and or cause catastrophic damage to the engine.

Flushing should only ever be done by Bayside Jet Ski Hire unless otherwise authorised 

  1. Flushing procedure
  2. Engine running
  3. Connect running water
  4. Idle for 20 seconds
  5. Disconnect water 
  6. Rev engine twice
  7. Turn off engine

    Never allow water to flow through the engine unless the engine is running, Failure to do so may hydro lock the engine 

You must not operate our skis outside smooth or partially smooth waterways 
Please remain within channel markers