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4×4 ute hire

4×4 ute hire

New to Bayside Jetski Hire: 4×4 ute Ute!

  • Powerful Towing Solution: Bayside Jetski Hire presents the GWM Cannon X, an exceptional rental Ute renowned for its towing prowess. With its robust engine and impressive towing capacity, it is the ultimate choice for effortlessly hauling your jet skis and caravans.

  • Dependable Performance: At Bayside Jetski Hire, we understand the importance of reliability. That’s why we offer the GWM Cannon X as our rental Ute. Its durable construction and reliable components ensure that you can confidently tackle any towing task, knowing that your rental Ute won’t let you down.

  • Versatility for Your Adventures: Bayside Jetski Hire provides the flexibility you need for your towing needs. Whether you’re planning an exhilarating jetski experience or embarking on a caravan adventure, the GWM Cannon X offers the versatility to accommodate any towing requirement, making it the perfect choice for your next escapade.

  • Safety as a Top Priority: Your safety is paramount to us at Bayside Jetski Hire. That’s why we equip the GWM Cannon X with advanced safety features. With trailer sway control, stability control, and a reliable braking system, we ensure that your towing experience remains safe and secure at all times.

  • Spacious and Comfortable: Bayside Jetski Hire knows that comfort is essential for an enjoyable journey. The GWM Cannon X provides a spacious and comfortable cabin, allowing you and your passengers to relax during your travels. With ample legroom and convenient storage space, you can bring along all your essentials for a stress-free adventure.

  • Fuel Efficiency for Cost Savings: Bayside Jetski Hire understands the importance of efficiency. The GWM Cannon X is designed with fuel economy in mind, allowing you to enjoy your towing experience without constantly worrying about refueling. This means you can focus on the fun and save on fuel costs at the same time.

  • Off-Road Capability: For those seeking off-road thrills, the GWM Cannon X is up to the challenge. With its impressive off-road capabilities, including a high ground clearance and a robust four-wheel drive system, you can confidently explore rugged terrains while towing your jet skis or caravans, opening up new adventures for you to enjoy.



Towing capacity3t
Ancap rating5

Experience the power and reliability of the GWM Cannon X Ute from Bayside Jetski Hire. With its exceptional towing capabilities, versatile features, and commitment to safety, it’s the perfect choice for towing your jet skis and caravans on your next exciting journey!

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